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Gardening Tips!

Helpful Hints on how to successfully plant your newly purchased Nursery Stock.

Your new plants should be installed as soon as possible. If there is some delay in planting, then it is important to guard against moisture loss. Store plants in a shady, wind protected area, and keep root area evenly moist.

Handle plants gently and use the container or root ball to move the plant. Never hold onto the plant itself.

10 Easy Steps for Planting Success in Heavy Clay Base Soils

1. LOCATION - Determine the best planting location for your new purchase. Be sure to place your new plant in it's preferred growing environment. When choosing your planting location, try to stay away from wet low lying areas or drainage swales.

2. DIGGING DEPTH - Measure the depth of the plant container or root ball and dig your planting hole as per that measurement. Do not dig any deeper.

3. DIGGING WIDTH - The hole should be at least 5" - 6" larger on all sides of the root ball to allow for new soil to be added.

4. DRAINAGE - Place clear stone gravel at the bottom of the newly dug hole. The minimum gravel depth will be equivalent to 20% of the container or root ball height.
eg. 12" deep container x 20% = 2 1/2" - 3" of gravel
eg. 20" deep B&B rootball x 20% = 4" - 5" of gravel

A - Plastic containers - Remove prior to planting.
B - Fibre containers - Do not remove, disturb or tamper with the container. Very carefully break
away the top band portion of the pot only.
C - Balled & Burlap - Do not remove or disturb at this point.

6. PLACEMENT - Gently place the shrub or tree directly on top of the clear stone. Maneuver the plant for staightness and best appearance.

7. PLANTING HEIGHT - Inspect the planting height of the newly placed plant material to ensure the root ball is 3" - 5" higher than the surrounding grade.

8. BACK FILLING - Use Kleinburg Nusery's Pure Organic Soil. Gently fill hole with new soil to the top of the root ball. It is imperative not to exceed in height, or smother the top of the original soil level of the newly planted root ball. Finish the soil to represent an inverted dish. This will ensure water will be carried directly to the root system and allow the plant to breathe by keeping the base free from soil or mulch.


When the root ball is placed properly in the hole, and the soil is back filled to the half way filled point, you can now untie or cut the strings, ropes and burlap at the top 1/3 of the root ball. If there is a wire basket attached, do not remove, just fold back the loops.

9. MULCH - Apply a good quality much to cover the entire planting bed or soil ring surrounding the newly planted tree. Take care not to smother the base of your new shrub or tree.

10. FERTILIZE - Apply transplanter fertilizer after planting and water. Reapply transplanter once a week for 4-5 weeks.


Fibre Pots

We can not over stress the importance of leaving the pot ON! These pots are made of paper and will rot away in the soil, and are easily penetrated by healthy plant roots. Break off the top rim only to the soil level.

DO NOT remove the bottom of the pot. Fill in around the pot with good soil mix. Water thoroughly with a root stimulating transplant fertilizer.

The planting is completed...

Plants grown in plastic pots tend to dry out more quickly, therefore, more frequent watering may be necessary to avoid plant wilt. It takes several weeks for the roots to extend beyond the original soil ball, so be sure to check this area as it often dries out faster than surrounding garden soil. Deep watering encourages a deep root system and your plant will become more draught tolerant.

Apart from their good appearance and retarding of weed growth, mulches help to retain moisture. Mulch also keeps roots cool in the summer and insulated in winter. Maintenance is easier and your plants will thrive.


High phosophorous "Transplanter" fertilizer is the only appropriate fertilizer to be used in the first season.

You can help to prevent permanent damage or discolouration caused by dessication (drying out) of
evergreens by watering thoroughly in the fall, before freeze-up.


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