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James Zaza

Hello Garden-Lovers! I'm James, the proud new owner of Kleinburg Nursery.

My love for plants, nature and the great outdoors first inspired me into starting my own landscaping and grounds maintenance company in 1999. JJZ's Grounds Maintenance and Landscaping served clients all over the GTA area with services including construction and snow plowing. When the chance to purchase Barrett's Garden Centre presented itself, I seized the opportunity to be a part of a historical establishment in this town.

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Kleinburg Nursery's Pure Organic Soil

Kleinburg Nursery proudly produces our own brand of Pure Organic Soil. This product is an organic formula made from a special blend of ingredients to provide the best 100% organic soil. Because organic fertilizers are derived from natural ingredients, there is very low risk of ground water contamination. The Kleinburg Organic Soil feed not only plants, but surrounding soil life as well, which can promote natural pest resistance and drought tolerance. Our organic soil persist for long periods due to insolubility, so fewer applications of fertilizers are required.
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Fresh-Cut Flowers

Flowers should be inspiring and leave you wide-eyed and speechless, filled with joy. It's our goal to provide you with that kind of joy and to make the flower-buying experience an exceptional one. Come in to Kleinburng Nursery today for all your fresh-cut flower needs, you'll be amazed by the incredible selection.

Tips to keeping your flowers fresh:

  • An arrangement of fresh flowers will brighten up any room.
  • Change the water in your container daily.
  • Cut off the end of each stem at a 45-degree angle, with sharp shears.
  • Remove all leaves below the water level or will begin to decompose.
  • Pick flowers in the early morning for best results.


Flower Arrangement Department

Celebrate in any season with our gorgeous flowers - from birthdays to anniversaries, we offer beautiful flowers, lush plants, all beautifully arranged that will delight anyone. Whether you're looking for wedding bouquets for a single ceremony or bulk flowers for your business or an upcoming event, you'll find it here—at great prices. Our flower experts will take care of all the arrangement details.


Large Caliper Trees

Because of the expansive size of our land, Kleinburg Nursery offers a wide array of large caliper trees stored onsite and we will gladly deliver and install to your home. Examples of just some of our trees include:

  • Oak
  • Maple
  • Magnolia
  • Cypress
  • Elm
  • Birch


Firewood and Bulk Salt

Kleinburg Nursery's product lines also include bulk salt which we store onsite. Delivery options are available, including in dump and pneumatic truck loads. During the winter months, bulk salt is avialable. Additionally we offer Seasoned 1 Year Minimum Firewood, premium hardwood firewood.


Store Space

We've recently renovated our in-store space not only to create a section for fresh-cut flowers and arrangement but also to allow space for our customers to chat and consult with our team, enjoy complimentary beverages, and discuss their gardening and landscaping needs. Come in to Kleinburg Nursery today, we think you'll enjoy the experience!


New Management | Pure Organic Soil | Fresh Cut Flowers | Flower Arrangement Department | Large Caliper Trees | Firewood and Bulk Salt | Store Space


-Newly renovated retail area
-Fresh Flower Boutique
-New Products & Merchandise!


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7am - 5pm Monday - Saturday
9am - 4pm Sunday

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